Issue 1 A refuge from the urban sprawl

April 2023

Parklife is an independent publication edited by Continente Editions about outdoor space, curated by Paola Ristoldo and Alessandro Furchino Capria. The magazine, launched in April 2023 in London and with annual release, addresses stories of ordinary and uncommon places by developing visual and literary narratives. Driven by a primordial need to create, occupy and control a territory, human being becomes inhabitant of a place defined and circumscribed by and for himself.
Why does humanity feel the need to design these spaces? How are they experienced?
Through an authorial approach and with unpublished projects, thirteen artists and a confrontation between an architect and a designer explore the concept of the park understood as a place of daily life. All these visions make it possible to conceive green space and its inhabitants as an essential and united part of the city context. Parklife is a refuge from the urban sprawl.


Eleonora Agostini
Valentin Bansac
Max Creasy
Jack Day
Tobia Faverio
Alessandro Furchino Capria
Federico Gioco
Takashi Homma
Vladimir Kaminetsky
Francesco Nazardo
Paola Ristoldo
Jack Self
Mariana Siracusa
Morten Thuesen
Federico Torra

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ISBN 979-12-210-2886-7

136 Color pages
Offset print

Cover: Laminate Galerie art Gloss 200 g/m2
Body: Magno Gloss 115gsm + Magno Silk, 115gsm

Edition of 500

Printed in Europe

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